Weatherproof and optimize your business.

We specialize in the use of weather data in our weather-sensitive customers business processes

Weathernews Inc. is specialized in the use of weather data in its customer business processes, wich are companies of all size and industry, located throughout the world.

Our solutions are based on methodologies and tools for the use of Big Data, exploiting the wealth of data coming from our connected stations, weather forecast, our customers information, calendar events and economic data.

What we do

Our expertise is based on activity econometric modeling, using weather data, calendar events, and business data …. Our recommendations will help you make the best decisions.


Most companies have already optimized their operational management with best practices. But weather events are optimization leverages usually poorly exploited, even though more than 50% of the activity is often weather-sensitive. We offer solutions that take weather into account and optimizes performance :


High-precision weather information customized to your needs. A global and qualitative database, with more than 30 years of historical data. Our own weather stations can be deployed if necessary.


Our business consultants are at your disposal to quantify the impact of weather on your business, to map your weather sensitivity, to offer solutions to integrate weather information in your processes ...


Customized solutions based on econometric models integrating past and future weather, to facilitate your strategic decisions.

Our expertise

Weathernews's team of data scientists, meteorologists, business consultants, statisticians and computer scientists are at the core of what makes us stand out. It's a mix of skills-oriented towards the business needs of our customers.

We develop our own algorithms to locally adapt weather forecast of leading global providers and to analyze and forecast the impact of weather on businesses. Our software are the subject of European patents.

Our partners

IRI is a worldwide leader in global market research, involved in marketing, sales, advertising, promotions, logistics, merchandising and in-store shopping behavior with 95% of larger companies the FMCG industry. IRI delivers essential information to understanding the PGC markets.

70% of business are weather sensitive…

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