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Leverage weather to optimize your supply chain, to contextualize your customer relations and improve the efficiency of your commercial and marketing campains

General or specialized retailers, manufacturers, e-commerce, Food and non Food industry, and Textiles, Weathernews Inc. has developed solutions that allow you to improve your performance by taking advantage of meteorological information, past and forecasted.

Improve your performance with our team of experts.


Anticipating events up to three weeks in advance, sending alerts. Installing weather stations for refined local forecasts.


"Weather intelligence audits. Integration of weather data into your business processes. Business strategies recommendations based on weather related opportunities or risks. Customer Segmentation by weather sensitivity to optimize marketing strategies."


"Deweatherize your sales history to improve their accuracy. Tools for long term forecast based on weather conditions.


Customizing promotional messages based on knowledge of the weather-sensitive goods / consumer type / location and sales channel

What we do

Our expertise is based on econometric modeling of the activity, taking into account weather factors, calendar, business… Our recommendations will help you make the best decisions.

Some application examples


Our team of experts will help you adjust financial communication by delivering accurate weather information to explain revenues differences

Weather alerts

Broadcasting weather alerts at least 48h in advance for infrastructure protection for large retailers with multiple point of sale

Advertising management

Recommendations on radio advertising broadcasting time for a large cosmetics company, based on the weather data

Advertising budget optimization by identifying favorable or unfavorable conditions for sales three weeks in advance

Demand management

Improved service level for manufacters, decreased product shortages for distributors by taking into account the effects of past and future weather conditions on consumers to build your forecast.


Inventory optimization through better anticipation of long-term purchases, based on « deweatherized » historical sales